It's been a personal mission for us to run a jewelry business that is sustainable and ethical to the best of our ability. We keep our product assortment tight and our material list small to ensure every material in every piece is sourced thoughtfully.


All of our earrings and spheres are made with 100% recycled sterling silver or brass with ethically mined 24-karat gold premium plating.


Hand-Selected Freshwater Pearls

Pearls are an easy choice for our carefully curated material list because the process for farming pearls has very low environmental impact and often improves the waters in villages where they are farmed.


Made in the USA

All of our jewelry is designed in Santa Monica, California by Jenny and Lily Monbouquette and handcrafted by master jewelers in the USA. From the outset we wanted all of our pieces manufactured in the USA. This way we get to enjoy real relationships with the people making our jewelry and know, first hand, they are treated fairly and well compensated for their efforts.


Plastic-free, Reusable, and Recycled Packaging

All of our packaging is plastic free and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes. Every purchase sits safely inside our reusable branded book-box, perfect for sitting on your bookshelf, as well as a luxury leather pouch, which is great as a little travel case for your jewelry!


Carbon Neutral Shipping

We have invested in a new sustainability initiative to offset the environmental impact of shipping. The platform we are using will calculate the total emissions generated by our shipped orders and this number will become our monthly offset cost. These payments will go toward forest protection initiatives, spearheaded by Pachama. We will be able to measure our impact and how our offset investment is helping the environment and, of course, share this with you!